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Fry Management Services is a national, full-service, boutique expert witness management company headquartered in Washington state.

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Management of all case details

All testimony scheduling

Invoicing and collections for all your expert work

Shared calendar that is up to date daily with all relevant case information

All communication between the vendors and/or attorney, which allows the expert witness to focus their time and energy on the work at hand

Electronic storage of records so you don’t need to keep hard copies on file

Quality assurance for your reports

At Fry Management Services, we make sure your cases are fully prepared for you, from beginning to end.

Our clients hire us to manage their individual expert witness practices; we are not an IME vendor.

Our team of exceptionally organized and efficient managers will work closely with you to organize your schedule, maintain records, perform QA for your reports, meet deadlines, achieve yearly goals, and communicate with you daily to keep you in the know.

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