About Fry Management

An Expert Witness' dream come true.

It is our commitment to facilitate and cultivate the relationships between our expert witness clients and the vendors/attorneys who hire them. With clear industry knowledge, we provide scheduling support and practice management to our expert witness clients to ensure their ability to effectively execute the work at hand.

Professionalism, Punctuality, Integrity.

At Fry Management Services, we believe in maintaining professionalism, punctuality and creating a level of integrity within this industry.

Achieving this standard is accomplished by only representing the most established, objective and disciplined expert witnesses who are held in the highest regard in their field of expertise.

Fry Case Management Team has 25+ Years of Experience

The Fry Case Management team brings both a combined 40+ years of medical experience and 25+ years of practice management expertise to our work.

We take pride in managing and maintaining over 20 doctors’ practices in the United States, and work closely with each of our clients to ensure each practice runs smoothly, and that our partnership is both a benefit and a success.

Our Services

We Work with All Major IME Vendors in Washington State

Fry Management Services is a boutique firm that works with all major IME vendors in the state of Washington, as well as outside of the state. We are NOT an IME vendor. We have worked hard to develop working relationships with each vendor to ensure our expert witnesses continue their practice successfully.

If you are a vendor in Washington or outside of Washington and would like to work with us, please call our office or submit a contact form.

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